Cybers Coffee Arabica Java Ijen : Beans 200g 100% Arabica

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Product Specifications

Berat : 200.00 g
Size : 9.5 × 4.5 × 17 cm

Product Description

When compared with other Arabica coffee, Java Ijen Arabica coffee is somewhat lighter Arabica coffee with a low acidity level. So that the sour taste that is presented is very exotic. The taste is very unique, it has the taste of nuts and a hint of chocolate. The distinctive aroma will be felt when brewed for the first time. Ijen Raung Java coffee has a soft texture so it seems sweet in its presentation. Description : Origin : Ijen Bondowoso Region : East java Altitude : 1600-1700 MSAL Variety : Arabica Process : Semi Washed Roasting Profile : Medium Roast Cupping Notes : Nutty, Chocolate, Low Acidity